Who We Are

We are a volunteer community organization in Toronto’s west end. Our group came together in early 2015, after Ontario’s regional transportation agency, Metrolinx, announced plans to construct a 1.5 kilometre-long train overpass through the heart of our established residential neighbourhood.


Representing more than 1,500 local residents, Options for Davenport has spent the past two years advocating for the best possible project for our vibrant community. We launched a lawn sign campaign and community awareness project dubbed “Davenport Deserves Better,” which brought the issue to the forefront at city hall.


In April 2016, we published our own Environmental Assessment of the project. Our 105-page report “Our EA, Our Say” includes a comprehensive review of past studies of the Davenport Diamond, a noise study, a community feedback survey with over 500 respondents, and a history of the area. 

We currently sit on Metrolinx’s Community Advisory Committee for the Davenport Overpass, and regularly meet with our local elected representatives, bringing the concerns of the Davenport community to decision-makers.


Our goals include:


•   To significantly raise the level of awareness about Metrolinx’s proposed overpass;

•   To facilitate the community in becoming civically engaged around this issue;

•   To establish partnerships with other local community groups and resident associations who share our concerns, toward collective action in the best interest of this community.


If you would like to get involved or find out more about our organization, please get in touch!