As a not-for-profit community organization run entirely by volunteers, we rely on donations to keep us going.

Since we started up as a group in the spring of 2015, our accomplishments have been impressive. From the start, we have been powered by donations from the community and the hard work of community members volunteering their time to fight for a project that will improve, not hurt, the community. So far, our engagement with the community, public campaigns and advocacy work have contributed toward these successful outcomes:


  • Metrolinx has increased their budget for this project from $140 million initially to $210 million. Additionally, our advocacy contributed to an additional $5 million being allocated by the Federal government to put toward this project. 


  • The City of Toronto has adopted our official position on the Davenport Diamond overpass project. After strong advocacy efforts from Options for Davenport, the City of Toronto voted 38-1 in favour of their preferred option for the grade separation being a tunnel. ​

  • Metrolinx has confirmed that a local GO station has been approved at Bloor near Lansdowne, so that residents can benefit from this major transit development in our own neighbourhood. This has been one of the major asks of Options for Davenport. 


  • Metrolinx has responded to our united community voice by convening a Community Advisory Committee to help plan the project to reflect the needs of the local community. Options for Davenport is an active and influential member of this committee.


We need resources to enable us to act when needed- be it through requesting records through Freedom of Information Act requests, for designing and printing materials to engage with the community when needed, or for submitting important stories to media outlets.

Please contact us at to ask how you can make a donation.