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PRESS RELEASE: City of Toronto’s Chief Planner says a tunnel is the best option

(Photo via City of Toronto website)

City of Toronto staff have submitted a follow-up report to City Council regarding Metrolinx’s proposed Davenport Community Rail Overpass project. This report will be discussed and voted on at the upcoming City Council meeting on December 9, 2015.

The report notes that any one of the three options — overpass, trench, or tunnel — “will bring long lasting change to the surrounding communities, potentially affecting thousands of residents and future generations for decades to come.”

“City staff reviewed the available information including a draft policy evaluation of the options, and found that the tunnel option, on balance, provides greater long term City building benefits compared to the overpass option [emphasis added]. The key benefit of the tunnel option is the removal of long term visual and noise impacts compared to the overpass option, as well as the opportunity to potentially achieve greater open space and neighbourhood connection benefits.”

The report makes three recommendations:

  • City Council communicate to Metrolinx that it opposes the overpass grade separation option within the Davenport Rail Grade Separation Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP), and supports a tunnel option for this rail grade separation;

  • The Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning Division submit the City’s position to the Provincial Minister of Environment and Climate Change, with copy to the Environmental Commissioner for Ontario, and;

  • City Council direct the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning Division, to report in early 2016 on the “Missing Link” initiative and its merits as a key element of the freight rail network serving the City and GTA.

To read the full report, visit this link.

This report is a result of Councillor Ana Bailao’s efforts to involve City Planning staff to ensure that the City and the community receive an expert opinion on the proposed Metrolinx project, giving everyone the information needed to make a sensible decision.

How to Submit Comments to City Council

For more information on submitting comments to City Council, go to If you are submitting comments via e-mail, you are encouraged to copy Councillor Bailao at