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PRESS RELEASE: Metrolinx ignores City of Toronto committee‏

Toronto city planners have come out against building a Gardiner for GO Trains through a residential community in the city’s western core. But the province’s transportation agency has chosen to ignore the City of Toronto.

“I think what’s happening in Davenport right now is going to set a precedent around the province as Metrolinx executes its Regional Express Rail plan. And given the direction things are going, people and municipal governments should be very, very worried,” said Options for Davenport spokesperson Sam Barbieri.

In October, Metrolinx initially promised the city it would delay its environmental assessment until the Spring, in order to properly look at an option that would see the Barrie line run beneath Davenport, rather through the middle of it — directly beside playgrounds, houses, parks and coffee shops. But two weeks later, Metrolinx reneged.

The agency bumped up the EA to January, even though city planners and Toronto’s planning and growth committee determined Metrolinx should build a tunnel.

Around the world, cities are tearing down expressways. In Toronto, councillors debated removing the Gardiner expressway for years, finally concluding that — while undoubtedly flawed — removing it would be too problematic. Now, the city is relying on $25 million donation to try and spruce up the expressway’s crumbling underbelly in order to make the best of a bad situation. Yet the province’s transportation agency is ignoring all of this.

“Metrolinx is creating a problem today that our grandchildren are going to have to deal with in the future,” said Barbieri.

The city planning report can be found here.

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