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Metrolinx Presentations to the Community Advisory Committee: Public Realm, Art and Lighting

Metrolinx has posted the presentations made to the Community Advisory Committee during its June 26, 2017 meeting. Presentations focused on:

  • The public realm component: Metrolinx is proposing various “zones” through the park/path under the bridge, with seating, gardens and other fixtures or installations. This presentation, which contains various renderings and maps of the zones, can be found here.

  • The integrated art strategy: Metrolinx would like to use the cladding along the side of the bridge for integrated art. This presentation can be found here.

  • The lighting strategy: Metrolinx is considering the options for lighting the area under the bridge. This presentation can be found here.

The overall meeting presentation including timelines and next steps can be found here.

Metrolinx is inviting feedback on these presentations, and has asked that feedback be sent to to by 5 p.m., July 10. Please feel free to copy Options For Davenport at on your feedback to Metrolinx.